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Floate online annual report benchmarking survey analyses the annual reports of the previous year identifying trends, assessing technology, accessibility and other criteria. This report is provided to you for free by Floate Design Partners.

Benchmarking Methodology

This benchmarking survey analyses usability, design, and content from a diverse range of global business leaders in various industries including agriculture, pharmaceutical, retail and finance.

As well as the overall aesthetic and user experience, the report identifies new technology and delivery methods, pinpointing trends in both online and print formats.

We intend to highlight examples of design and technology innovation and the best user experience in annual and sustainability report delivery. Setting a benchmark by reviewing a range of reports can create challenges but gives a better indication of the market.

Floate assessed the standard, combining visual, structural, useable, technical and likeable elements from 1-5. The overall rankings for each report are based on the following criteria:

  1. A

    Web design & technology

    How successful are the look and feel of the website, its functionality, brand representation and interpretation, design and typography, visual style, content delivery, readability and overall usability?

    How well do the designers use a suite of current digital design tools (including best-practice, intuitive navigation, multimedia, connectivity, social media, infographics, links and customisation tools) to ensure a seamless user experience across all platforms? Does the technology used enhance the user experience?

Companies assessed in this review

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The full report also features:

  • Trends

    Declining, continuing and increasing trends dissected

  • Recommended features, tools, technology and design attributes

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